Ticket Form

This is the main interface for the user to submit a ticket.



Ticket Form

  • This is the interface after the user chooses the type of ticket. If the user chose to buy an issue, questions that are related to buying issue will appear.



Ticket Status

  • This is the interface for the user to view tickets. The tickets can be viewed by status which is open, awaiting a reply and closed. This is the interface for an open ticket.


Ticket Details

  • This is the interface of the ticket conversation between user and admin. The white box is a user and the pink box is admin. User can reply to the ticket. In addition, the user can mark a ticket as closed.



Web Development

  • Helping you build a website

Do you want to create a website, but don’t have coding experience? We will help you decide which website builder will meet your particular needs.

  • Building your website

You may not be a web designer or a professional coder - that’s where our website builders come in. They facilitate the process of creating a website, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of your programming know-how.

  • Choosing a website builder

What kind of website do you want to create? A personal website? Business? We are here to walk you through these decisions and provide tips to help you make the best decision.


Programming Training Course

If you want to learn to code but you're a total newbie, we will help you get started (and boost your resume in the process).

We have provided a few classes that you can choose to join. Let’s come and join us!


These are some upcoming projects in Colony.




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Revolutionize the traditional shopping to modern shopping


Colony Shoppe is online shopping or e-shopping which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet using a web browser or mobile application.



While we are awaiting for further announcements by the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC), our developers team have been working to deploy these new features that we hope will enhance your trading experience on Colony. We are pleased to announce that on 09 April 2019, we’ve successfully launched several major improvements on the platform and here are a few notable upgrades that users should know.

1. Hibah (Website and Mobile Apps)

What is Hibah?

  • Hibah is a gift.
  • Hibah on Colony is a grant valuable cryptos to beneficiaries on a volunteer basis without valuable consideration and compensation. Hibah will be processing by 30 days. Both donor and beneficiaries must be registered on a Colony.

2. New User Interface for Colony Mobile Apps

This is our new user interface for login page. We have changed to a new design for Colony Dax Application.

Download the Colony Dax application here:

Google Playstore:

    a) New Interface – Buy and Sell

Easy to use and user mobile friendly.

    b) New Interface - Coinvata

Coinvata gives you the power to quickly swap between coins in a safe and secure environment.

    c) New Interface - Wallet

This is our new interface wallet for Colony Dax Application.  

3. JomPay

What is JomPay?

  • Pay bills on-the-go with our digital currencies enabled payment method with the current provided price rate. Skipped liquidation process while keeping your funds safe and secure.